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Basic Challenges Such As Mediocre Battery Life Plague Apple’s iPhone

Basic Challenges Such As Mediocre Battery Life Plague Apple’s iPhone

Aside from improving battery life, Apple should create more options for media file sharing, says a tech enthusiast.

As Apple gears up to launch its next generation iPhone and possibly a wearable device on Tuesday, expectations are soaring high.

Reports claim the latest model in the popular iPhone series will include a number of features including a bigger screen – that would heat up the competition with its Android rivals, a sleeker look, a faster processor, NFC-enabled mobile wallet system and a new operating system.

However, despite the evolution of the iPhone (there have been seven so far), it continues to face some basic challenges, notes a tech blogger.

“Most of the iPhones have had mediocre battery life and there is a pressing need to have a better and longer battery life,” said Preeth KP, a tech blogger at Techplugged.

Another negative, according to him, has been the lack of optical image stabilisation in the iPhone’s camera.

“The optical image stabilisation is important if you need to click pictures without them blurring and the option exists in most of the Android phones,” he said.

Preeth also expressed doubts about the NFC feature actually making an appearance on the new phone.

“Rumours have it that they are going to introduce the NFC feature, which is a must in phones nowadays, but it is doubtful as the company might want to promote its existing feature AirDrop that mainly allows Apple users to transfer media files between each other.”

However, the tech enthusiast lauded Apple for its revolutionary OS.

“iPhone has generally been the more stable operating system among other mobile OS as it has minimum lag in operations and a visually appealing user interface. Developers still prefer to launch apps on iOS platform first in spite of the dominant market share by Android,” added Preeth.

Although in good shape financially, some analysts have indicated that Apple has lost its ability to surprise with innovative products since the death of its founder Steve Jobs in 2011. Its last solid breakthrough was during the launch of iPad in 2010, say experts.

But it is hoped that the company will change that perception with its latest phone, and possibly a new smartwatch, on September 9.


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