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Bahrain says has foiled terror attack planned by Iran-linked cell

Bahrain says has foiled terror attack planned by Iran-linked cell

The Al-Basta Group was reportedly planning a series of bombing attacks in the Gulf state

Bahrain has foiled a “terrorist plot” by an Iran-backed cell to carry out a series of bombings in the Gulf state, the country’s Ministry of Interior announced on Wednesday.

Security authorities have arrested the leaders and members of the cell, named the Al-Basta Group, the official Bahrain News Agency reported.

Two suspects, named as Ali Ahmed Fakhrawi and his brother Mohammed Ahmed Fakhrawi, are said to have led the group.

Security authorities said Ali Fakhrawi travelled to Iran in mid-2015 to secure financial and logistical support from Iran’s Revolutionary Guards.

He also travelled to Lebanon’s Dahieh area accompanied by two other suspects to seek financial support from Hezbollah, the report stated.

During their visit, they reportedly met with Hezbollah’s secretary general Hasan Nasrallah who also allegedly provided them $20,000 to carry out the attacks in Bahrain.

Authorities also found connections between the Al-Basta Group and the Saraya Al-Ashar terrorist group, whose members have previously been convicted of terror attacks within Bahrain.

The Al-Basta Group was also reportedly in close contact with Murtatha Majeed Ramdhan Alawi alias Alsindi, who is a fugitive in Iran and wanted in connection with several terrorist attacks, reported BNA.

“Investigations have indicated that the suspects committed to providing senior members of IRG and Hezbollah with periodic reports on their activities within Bahrain, with the intent to orchestrate, plan and execute terrorist attacks under the leadership of Alsindi,” the report added.

The latest arrests come days after Bahrain cut diplomatic ties with Iran and cancelled air travel between the two countries.

Tensions have been raging between the Gulf countries and Iran following Saudi Arabia’s execution of prominent Shia cleric Nimr Al Nimr for terrorism offences on Saturday.

In retaliation, protestors in Tehran attacked the Saudi embassy, which in turn led the kingdom to severe all diplomatic ties and commercial relations with Iran.


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