Bahrain arrests 14 Iranians for entering country with ‘fake Asian’ passports

The suspects reportedly “bought the Asian passports” to enter the country

Bahrain has arrested 14 Iranian nationals who entered the country using “forged passports”, the official Bahrain News Agency (BNA) reported.

The director general of the General Department of Investigation and Criminal Evidence said that as soon as the preliminary information was confirmed, investigations were carried out, which resulted in the identification and arrest of the suspects.

They were found to be Iranian nationals and “purchased Asian passports in cash” in order to enter Bahrain, the report said. They were working in the kingdom at the time of their arrest.

The official pointed out that the necessary legal measures have been taken and that the suspects have been referred to the Public Prosecution.

He also called on Bahraini citizens to ascertain the identity of the people who work for them and review their papers. In case of any suspicion with regard to the nationality of their staff, he urged employers to contact the nearest police station.