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Bahrain approves Covid-19 vaccine for frontline workers

Bahrain approves Covid-19 vaccine for frontline workers

G42-Sinopharm vaccine is nearing the end of phase three trials

Bahrain has approved a Covid-19 vaccine for frontline workers. The G42-Sinopharm vaccine candidate, which is nearing the end of phase three trials in Egypt, Bahrain and Jordan, will now be rolled out across the country.

The nod comes as John Hopkins University released Covid-19 death rates placing Bahrain ninth in the world with 0.39 per cent. The UAE and Kuwait scored 0.37 per cent and 0.62 per cent respectively in the rankings of 168 global countries, placing them 8th and 16th.

In the past month, Bahrain has continued to register increased recovery rates as well as a 45 per cent decrease in active COVID-19 cases.

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The country has also revealed a rapid testing service that can diagnose Covid-19 in 15 minutes without the need for a specialist laboratory.

Public buses have been converted into mobile testing units and citizens summoned for tests at random, while early interventions included screenings at entry points and restrictions on travel from high-risk areas.

All confirmed cases are quarantined and treated, with those unable to maintain social distancing at home accommodated in quarantine centres.

With a rapidly growing population driving demand for new medical services and technologies, healthcare is a critical policy focus area for the Bahrain government. The country’s Vision 2030 envisions the kingdom emerging as a leading centre for modern medicine, offering high-quality and financially sustainable care for patients throughout the GCC region.

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