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Bad Weather In UAE Delays Flights

Bad Weather In UAE Delays Flights

Heavy rains and thunderstorms have delayed flights operating to and from the country.

Bad weather conditions including heavy rains and thunderstorms in the UAE have led to cancellations and delays in flights since Saturday.

The National Center of Meteorology & Seismology (NCMS) has warned that isolated thunderstorms are possible at or in the vicinity of the airfield at the Abu Dhabi International Airport.

“The thunderstorms can be accompanied by strong winds gusting up to 30 knots, blowing dust. Wind shear can be expected in the vicinity of all CB clouds,” NCMS said.

A spokesperson from Dubai’s Emirates’ said that they continue to monitor the situation. The following flights were affected by the weather, the airline stated.

“Flight EK357 – Jakarta to Dubai – was diverted to Dubai World Central. The aircraft refuelled, had a crew change and continued to Dubai International, arriving seven hours and 45 minutes behind schedule.

“Emirates operated a special flight, EK3801 –Dubai to Jeddah – which departed Dubai at 0800hrs for 183 passengers who missed EK801 to Jeddah due to the diversion of EK357.

“Flight QF001 – Sydney to Dubai – was diverted to Bahrain. It refuelled and landed in Dubai at 0400hrs, six and a half hours behind schedule.”


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