Avanti by Rivoli rolls out bespoke vision solutions in the UAE
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Avanti by Rivoli rolls out bespoke vision solutions in the GCC

Avanti by Rivoli rolls out bespoke vision solutions in the GCC

The new Zeiss Vision Expert centres provide tailor-made eyecare solutions for each individual

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The UAE-headquartered Rivoli Group, one of the largest luxury watch retailers in the GCC, recently launched Rivoli Vision – a dedicated division for its eyewear business.

“The eyewear business of the group has expanded to 75 stores across the four key markets of the GCC [including] UAE, Bahrain, Qatar and Oman, which has been achieved over the last 18 months and this number is only set to grow with Rivoli Vision expecting 100 stores to be opened by early 2022 across its three eyewear retail concepts,” said Subbaiah, director of Rivoli Vision.

The three Rivoli Vision eyewear concepts include: Rivoli Eyezone, Style 88 and the top-of-the line Avanti.

Avanti which is at the apex of the group’s eyewear pyramid is a luxury eyewear concept offers bespoke prescription glasses or sunglasses and retails exclusive collections from leading premium brands such as Cartier, Omega, Longines, Brioni, Berluti, Boucheron, Tom Ford, Gucci, Fred and Yves Saint Laurent, among others.

Based on unique designs, the stores’ décor is inspired from nature’s palette, contrasting with the aesthetics of the contemporary eyewear it houses.

Among the latest collection it houses, is the 2021 Alexander McQueen eyewear collection which is an iconic combination of innovation and creativity.

ALAÏA’s latest eyewear collection is also an ode to the maison’s legacy of timeless beauty. Its unique approach to relaxed elegance, distinguishes an edited series of sunglasses in polished materials and intense shades.

The new 2021 Brioni eyewear collection meanwhile draws inspiration from the time honoured world of innovation and contemporary glamour.

All Avanti boutiques also serve as official Zeiss Vision Expert centers, delivering bespoke vision care experiences using cutting-edge technology and testing equipment.

The new Zeiss experience is based on the principle that every eye is as unique as a fingerprint, and hence the eyecare solutions required for each individual must be unique too.

The Zeiss Individual Luminance Design Technology and i.Scription Technology, for example, recognises an individual’s pupil size and age. This in turn creates a personal vision fingerprint through Zeiss i.Profiler Plus which offers a unique lens solution with improved day and night vision.

The Zeiss i.Profiler Plus performs an in-depth and accurate analysis of an individual’s eyes, instantly providing a holistic view of their specific eye data. Equipped with this data, experts can suggest customised lens solutions by Zeiss, courtesy the Zeiss SmartView Technology.

Avanti’s Zeiss Vision Expert experience ensures the finest personalised luxury your eyes have ever set on.
Give your vision the triple upgrade advantage, with blue block protection from blue-violet light emanating from screens, anti-virus coating that kills 99.9 per cent of viruses and bacteria and a design upgrade that offers a clear viewing experience.

The Zeiss Vision Expert is available exclusively at all Avanti stores across the UAE and other GCC regions. To learn more about the Zeiss Vision Expert click here, or to know more about Avanti, visit rivolivision.com


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