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Australian Boutique Oroton Launches In Dubai

Australian Boutique Oroton Launches In Dubai

The luxury accessories retailer is selling the concept of ‘affordable luxury’ to Middle East’s shoppers.

Australia’s luxury accessories retailer Oroton has launched its first store in the Middle East in Dubai. The store is located in the new extension of Al Ghurair centre.

Following its expansion in Asian markets such as Hong Kong, China, Singapore and Malaysia, the fashion retailer is launching the concept of affordable luxury in the Middle East.

Oroton will partner with BAIS Fashion, a company recently formed by some members of Al Ghurair family, to operate its first store in Dubai.

“Research tells us that there are only a handful of brands which fall into the ‘affordable luxury’ category,” said Grant Parnell, general manager, BAIS Fashion.

“We are very happy and proud to partner the Oroton Group in the Middle East, and we strongly believe that this iconic Australian brand will perform exceptionally well in our market, as it has done in Australia and other markets where it is available.”

Founded in 1938, Oroton produces a wide range of products for both men and women including handbags, small leather accessories, sunglasses, jewelry, apparel and shoes.

“We are very excited to see Oroton expand into another new market,” said Ana Maria Escobar, general manager and creative director at Oroton.

“Especially one where the customer is fashion savvy and appreciates unique and distinctive designs.”

Dubai has been an attractive destination for many international fashion retailers owing to its successful retail sector.

American clothing brand Abercombie & Fitch is expected to open its first store in Dubai next year after announcing the launch of its sister label Hollister in the emirate this year.


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