Aster DM Healthcare unveils full-fledged version of myAster app
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Aster DM Healthcare unveils ‘full-fledged’ version of myAster app

Aster DM Healthcare unveils ‘full-fledged’ version of myAster app

The app, supported by a fully functional help centre, features automatic insurance integration and approval as well as storage for patients to save and keep records of all healthcare documents on the digital platform

Myaster app launched officially

Digital technology is transforming healthcare and a prime example of this is the recently launched ‘full-fledged’ version of the ‘myAster’ app.

The app provides UAE’s residents access to its hospitals, clinics, diagnostic centers and pharmacies and enables end-to-end care facilitation.

Alisha Moopen, deputy MD, Aster DM Healthcare, said: “Aster DM Healthcare is aligned with the UAE’s 2031 Vision for developing the health sector by providing the best-in-class services and continually updating them. The myAster platform was launched as part of Aster’s commitment to provide equitable, unbiased access to world-class medical care, while we strive to improve the healthcare system’s readiness to manage health risks.”

Personalised healthcare

“The myAster app is developed with the aim of aligning and catering to the constantly changing landscape of medical needs of patients in the UAE and across the world. As healthcare providers we must be equipped to handle those changes with the latest technologies. The idea of offering accessible personalised healthcare through a single platform that brings together all of the patient journey is in line with Aster’s vision of providing affordable quality healthcare to all,” Moopen said, adding that Aster’s Digital Health team has innovated and developed the solution over a period of two years.

Brandon Rowberry, CEO of Digital Health, Aster DM Healthcare, said: “Now our users have access to over 200 Aster hospital doctors for appointment booking. The user interface is easy to navigate, and they can view doctor schedules and slots to select a doctor for consultation. We are also launching our ‘Instant GP’ feature enabling our users to video consult with a general practitioner in as early as 30 minutes. As we continue to innovate, we will be adding homecare services to the myAster app in the near future,” he added.

Ease of use

Patients can use the app for a range of services such as appointment booking, consulting doctors online or in-person, accessing prescriptions, scans, medical records and order medicines online; delivered to their homes with the touch of a button.

Some of the key features of the app include booking appointments from among 430 doctors across five hospitals, 48 clinics and over 20 medical specialties. The app also allows video consultations, online payments through a secure gateway and access to the online pharmacy, with doctor’s prescriptions home delivered within 90 minutes. Users can also order health and wellness essentials online as well as avail offers and deals. Patients can also access their scans and medical reports  through the app.

The myAster app, supported by a fully functional help centre, also comes with an inbuilt automatic insurance integration and approval and features such as storage for patients to save and keep records of all healthcare documents for the entire family on the digital platform.

In other news, in November last year, Aster DM Healthcare launched ‘Wellth’ — a hub of integrative medicine in the UAE — to encourage people to lead healthier lives, alleviate chronic lifestyle diseases and help them prevent hereditary afflictions. The hub offers a range of therapies to boost immunity, improve general health and sustain good health.

Earlier in October,  Aster DM Healthcare announced it was expanding its footprint in Saudi Arabia with the Aster Pharmacy division announcing its latest tie-up with Al Hokair Holding Group.

The division, through this partnership, is setting up more than 250 stores over a period of five years to provide pharmaceutical and wellness products across segments such as nutrition, baby care, skincare and home healthcare to the communities in Saud Arabia.

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