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Apple iPhone 5S – Leaks And Rumours

Apple iPhone 5S – Leaks And Rumours

Leaked pictures have fuelled speculation that the phone will have a built-in biometric fingerprint scanner.


With the tech world hotly anticipating Apple to announce the latest generation of its iPhone on Tuesday, the rumour mill has gone into overdrive as nuggets of information leak out of the California base.

While none can be 100 per cent verified, there are some aspects to the latest model that do look evermore likely to become fact rather than fiction.

The gossip began over the weekend when Australian teenager Sonny Dickson, who has become known for leaking images of Apple’s latest products via his Twitter feed, shared pictures of what looks to be the new iPhone (above and below).


Not only does the phone have a champagne coloured back but the pictures fuelled speculation that it will have a built-in biometric fingerprint scanner.

Apple’s official media invite to Tuesday’s announcement displayed empty silver rings, with speculators suggesting the home button will carry a scanner around its outside.

Further fuel was added to the fire over the weekend when China Telecom appeared to mistakenly upload details of the new phone ahead of time.


The Chinese operator released information on its Weibo account – China’s version of Twitter – suggesting that Apple will not be launching just one new handset, but two.

It looks like the iPhone 5S will be joined by an iPhone 5C – which is expected to be a cheaper version.

The flagship 5s is expected to come with a faster A7 processor using the iOS 7 operating system.

It is also expected to break Apple protocol and come in a range of colours – something the official invite for Tuesday’s announcement strongly suggested (below).


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