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Apple iPhone 5 In UAE Late September

Apple iPhone 5 In UAE Late September

Apple’s latest product will be on US shelves from September 21st, and should be available in the UAE just after that.

Now the iPhone 5 has been announced – when will it be available? An inventory listing for iPhone 5 accessories had previously suggested it might be available as early as September 21st in the US – a date Apple executives at the launch in San Francisco last night confirmed.

What does that mean for us gadget lovers in the UAE? Well, thanks to the Middle East’s fantastically efficient grey market, you can expect to find an iPhone here on either the 23rd or 24th. If you’re willing to pay the steep prices for it, mind.

Should the September 21st on-sale date tally with the release of Apple’s new phone, that would fit with previous releases (the iPhone 4s had a 10-day window between announcement and release).

If previous iPhone launches are anything to go by, we’ll see the UAE’s grey market flooded with US models within days of the iPhone’s availability in the US.


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