Amazon payment services partners with American Express in Saudi Arabia
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Amazon payment services partners with American Express in Saudi Arabia

Amazon payment services partners with American Express in Saudi Arabia

Amex cardholders in Saudi can now shop with their Amex card on merchant and supplier websites that use Amazon Payment Services

Divsha Bhat
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Amazon Payment Services has partnered with American Express to offer Amex cardholders access to thousands of online merchants in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The digital payment integration from Amazon Payment Services delivers a safe and secure environment for receiving and processing customer data. American Express cardholders can shop for a much wider range of products and services offered by Amazon Payment Services merchants and suppliers.

Commenting on the new partnership, Peter George, managing director of Amazon Payment Services, said: “Through this partnership, Amazon Payment Services are furthering our mission to enable smooth and seamless digital transactions between merchants and their customers.”

Priyan Attygalle, CEO of American Express Saudi Arabia added: “We’re very pleased about our strategic partnership with Amazon Payment Services and how it will deliver compelling value to our mutual customers and help to ensure that Card members get more with Membership. Through the Amazon payment services integration, merchants in Saudi Arabia can now easily accept payments with Amex products, and our customers now benefit from more places to shop with their Amex cards online.”

Amazon processes transactions for thousands of businesses across multiple industries, ranging from aviation to travel and tourism, retail, insurance, real estate, government, and more. With such a diverse customer base, it has built strong expertise that supports businesses at every scale, from small and medium enterprises (SMEs) looking to establish their online presence to large-scale enterprises requiring a dependable payment service to handle high volumes of transactions safely.

American Express is a global issuer of credit and charge cards for both personal and corporate use in Saudi Arabia that is committed to offering unique products and services to its customers.

Meanwhile, earlier this month, Amazon announced the creation of 1,500 direct and indirect jobs across the UAE this year, as it expands its footprint to bolster country’s acceleration towards a digital economy.

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Amazon is fostering job creation as it increases its fulfillment centre storage capacity by 60 per cent, offering a wider selection of products to customers. By the end of 2021, the company’s storage space in the UAE will be spread over more than 3.7 million cubic feet, enabling Amazon to store millions of products for businesses. The expansion also creates additional jobs through its sellers and delivery partners.

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