Aldar subsidiary Cloud Spaces launches ETHER
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Aldar subsidiary Cloud Spaces to launch ETHER, a new co-retail space, at Yas Mall

Aldar subsidiary Cloud Spaces to launch ETHER, a new co-retail space, at Yas Mall

This co-retail space provides an accessible, tech-powered retail platform, where shoppers can explore multiple product lines under one roof

Aldar subsidiary ETHER to open soon

Aldar’s Cloud Spaces, which is an innovative office space solution provider, is set to introduce ETHER at Yas Mall in Abu Dhabi. This co-retail space will provide an innovative, accessible, tech-powered retail platform, where shoppers can explore multiple product lines under one roof.

Visitors will be able to find everything from athleisure and colourful prints to new and upcoming Emirati fashion brands to art.

It will also feature handcrafted sustainable products, skincare and many other items from UAE-born wellness brands. In addition, ETHER will also include an extensive array of food and beverage brands.

The store will aim to strengthen, support and grow the UAE’s entrepreneurial scene, and provide new retail opportunities for local and international businesses.

Digital technologies and accessible solutions for tenants

Tenants will benefit from 0 per cent capital costs and no extra expenses on staffing, utilities or stationery. Growing businesses can also make use of additional benefits such as logistical, operational and marketing infrastructures.

With a fully digitalised booking platform, local entrepreneurs can share their products without the stress and hassle of setting up a physical location.

ETHER’s flexible contracts will come complete with various services and facilities and require no capital investments from retailers. The space can be accessed through affordable one, three, six and 12-month contracts, along with versatile and furnished lots that vary in size from 4 square metres to 56 square metres, with a choice of shelves, department or a three-wall boutique.

It will also have its own events and performance area, and aims to be a meeting place for creatives and artists and an incubator for revolutionary ideas.

The platform hopes to expand and open multiple locations across the UAE and eventually overseas. It also aims to launch an online platform, allowing partner brands to showcase their offerings virtually as well physically in the concept store.

An attractive multi-platform

Saoud Khoory, chief retail officer at Aldar Investment and chairman of C2i, the Aldar subsidiary that launched Cloud Spaces, says: “We are thrilled to start 2023 with the launch of ETHER, our revolutionary and digitally driven platform for homegrown brands and international entrepreneurs. We wanted to create an inclusive, inspiring space that brings together a curated array of the world’s most unique, creative, and distinctly different brands, all in one place. Empowering homegrown startups and providing them with the tools and platforms to compete with established international brands is a priority we continue to work towards at Aldar.

“Through ETHER, we are offering an innovative, multi-platform destination that provides a seamless selling e          xperience and maximum exposure for our partners to be able to reach their full potential. We look forward to attracting new talents to the region, and at the same time empowering homegrown creatives, of all levels and scales, to join us in this inclusive and welcoming retail environment.”

Malak Smejkalova, GM of Cloud Spaces, adds: “ETHER is a one-of-a-kind destination that presents regional and international brands with a ready prepared, vibrant and colourful canvas from which to present and sell their unique products. From emerging designers who are just getting started, to established businesses that have been around for decades, we provide all our partners with a happy and uplifting environment that makes their retail journey enjoyable and easy. We create bespoke individualised journeys for each partner and empower them to own their creative space and really make a mark on the Abu Dhabi market. I want to encourage any interested businesses to get in touch with our team, and we look forward to welcoming everyone to ETHER very soon.”

Leqa Al Zaabi, founder of Leqa Cosmetics, the homegrown Emirati beauty brand and tenant of ETHER, says: “We are excited to have a presence at ETHER and the chance to retail at Yas Mall, one of the most prominent lifestyle destinations in Abu Dhabi.

“The online booking system is convenient and hassle free, and I love how flexible the packages are for tenants. You can reserve a space for just a few months if you want to, and the Ether team with their retail expertise will handle the entire business for us . I am thrilled to be able to start selling at ETHER, and I’m sure that joining its inspiring and creative community will help us to take our business to the next level.”

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