AKNEYE by ftNFT in Venice during the Venice Biennale 2024, Merging Sculpture with NFT Innovation
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AKNEYE by ftNFT in Venice during the Venice Biennale 2024, Merging Sculpture with NFT Innovation

AKNEYE by ftNFT in Venice during the Venice Biennale 2024, Merging Sculpture with NFT Innovation

The innovative installation merges sculpture with Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and it will be on display in Venice, Italy

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AKNEYE is pleased to announce the grand opening of the AKNEYE Phygital Space by ftNFT on April 19 in Venice during the 60th Venice Biennale 2024. This innovative installation merges sculpture with Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), and is displayed at the Ramo de la Tana, 2124a in Venice, adjacent to the Arsenale venue.

AKNEYE creates a novel platform for artistic exploration and collaboration. Here, artists of Armenian roots and international creators alike have been crafting on AKNEYE’s sculptures, seamlessly blending diverse artistic traditions and visions. Through this initiative, AKNEYE harmonises the tangible aspects of traditional sculpture with the virtual dimensions of NFTs.

Curated by Anastasia Dawson, AKNEYE Phygital Space features an immersive digital realm that invites the audience to explore the ever-growing collection of digital representations of the AKNEYE sculptures on LED screens, enhanced with hover technology for an engaging learning experience. What’s more, AKNEYE’s motion stand displays will showcase eye sculptures as dynamic works of art symbolising the fusion of conventional art methodologies and contemporary technological advancements. 

Throughout the duration of the Biennale, visitors will have the opportunity to observe both Armenian and international artists produce unique pieces of art on-site, subsequently transformed into NFTs.

Vigen Badalyan, founder of AKNEYE, states that “Phygital Spaces is not just any digital space; it is a vision of the future of art, where boundaries are blurred, and new connections are formed between the artist, the observer, and the medium.”

Curator Anastasia Dawson adds, “AKNEYE by ftNFT is a testament to the power of collaboration across cultures and disciplines. It embodies our mission to innovate within the art world while respecting traditional idioms.”

AKNEYE, a visionary in the fusion of traditional art and digital innovation, is proud to present AKNEYE Phygital Space in Venice during the Venice Biennale 2024. With a commitment to pushing the boundaries of artistic expression, AKNEYE collaborates with artists from diverse backgrounds to create experiences that engage, educate, and inspire. Through the integration of sculpture and NFT technology, AKNEYE aims to bridge the gap between the physical and digital art worlds, inviting viewers to explore a new realm of creativity. Moreover, each buyer that purchases an AKNEYE NFT will receive a cashback equivalent to 2,44% in the form of FTN from the value of their NFT every year since. With this incentive, AKNEYE aims at developing art in the Web3 sector.

The featured artists at the AKNEYE Phygital Space:

  • Raffi Yedalian
  • Elene Metreveli
  • Sarko Menee
  • Natalia Gudovich
  • Stephany Sanossian
  • Mako Lomadze
  • Anahit Margaryan
  • Roman Reznitsky
  • Alpha Odh
  • Satenik Ghulijanyan
  • Larry Amponsah
  • Lusine Ginosyan
  • Anna Chekh
  • Ashot Yan
  • Miroslava Romanova
  • Ellen Demirian
  • Lokher
  • Edmon Harikyan
  • Gareggin Harutyunyan
  • Rafayel Nersesyan
  • Lidia Russkova – Hasaya. 

Discover the future of art in Venice this April with AKNEYE Phygital Space. For more information, visit AKNEYE’s website and follow AKNEYE on social media.

ftNFT Phygital Space

Ramo de la Tana, 2124a, Venice, Italy

April 20 – September 30 (11:00 am – 20:00 pm)

October 1 – November 24 (10:00 am – 18:00 pm)


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