Ajman and Intel join forces to launch new UAE IT lab
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Ajman and Intel join forces to launch new UAE IT lab

Ajman and Intel join forces to launch new UAE IT lab

Mustakbaly offers UAE nationals free courses in programming, AI, robotics and more

Ajman has partnered with Intel in creating an IT lab to equip young Emiratis with AI and robotics skills.

Dubbed Mustakbaly (Arabic for ‘My Future’), the lab offers UAE nationals free courses in computer programming; AI and robotics; management, decision making and risk management; innovation and blockchain, and more.

The courses are hosted in cooperation between the Municipality and Planning Department’s Ajman X Center and Coursera, the online interactive platform. Coursera offers participants access to certified courses from more than 160 international universities and top tech companies.

Designed to upskill Emiratis as the UAE strives for a diverse, knowledge-based economy in line with UAE Centennial 2071, Mustakbaly initiatives have attracted more than 5,000 Emiratis, including students, fresh graduates and professionals keen to improve their expertise and advance their careers, in just two months.

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Intel has equipped the lab with its latest vPro technology. “Relying on the latest technologies and solutions as a strategy to face future challenges across different industries is not enough,” said Adib Rajji, public sector manager, Gulf Region at Intel.

“These tools must be accompanied by efforts to develop and promote the expertise and skills of the human resources that are qualified to run and operate these technologies and applications,” he added.

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