Advanced infrastructure and youth talent paves the way for Jordan's growing ICT sector
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Advanced infrastructure and youth talent pave way for Jordan’s growing ICT sector

Advanced infrastructure and youth talent pave way for Jordan’s growing ICT sector

The government initiative ‘Jordan Source’ will facilitate and ease new investments into Jordan’s digital outsourcing economy and create more jobs for its digital talents

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During the past two years, Covid-19 became a dominant force in reshaping the global economic and social outlook. Jordan has been no exception. The kingdom is facing the pandemic with a series of effective response measures, building on its resilient and diversified economy. While it has been an ideal time to rethink and reflect on the country’s key growth areas, the ICT sector stood out as a clear winner showing its strong capabilities despite the pandemic.

Businesses have reinvented themselves and adapted to different technology needs from education to the hospitality, science or medical sectors. Jordan’s ICT sector has been long established, with tech giants like Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and regional companies, already having their presence in the country.

We are keen to build on these past successes by launching a new initiative to support the ICT sector and enhance Jordan’s position as a leading hub for digital investments. The government initiative Jordan Source – part of the Jordanian government’s youth technology and jobs programme, will facilitate and ease new investments into Jordan’s digital outsourcing economy and create more jobs for our digital talents.

Several factors have influenced our growth in the IT sector. Our young talent has always been our key driving force. They are eager to learn, bilingual, and have versatile skills essential for working in a globally competitive environment. According to the Global Entrepreneurship Index, Jordan is one of the top regional performers in startup skills. More than 50 per cent of Jordanians are under 24 years with 22 per cent holding degrees in IT, Computer Science and Engineering.

For many businesses, remote working has elevated the working experience without interfering with their productivity. For instance, BPOS, like Crystel, had a chance to reach women from all across Jordan, not only the capital or the south. And with the partnership of the World Bank Group, we are committed to reducing the gender inequality gap even further.

Jordan is a gateway to 400 million Arabic speaking population. Our ICT sector has more than 600 technology companies and startups. With our strategic location and convenient time zone, we are the bridge between Asia and Europe. Businesses in Jordan can quickly provide round-the-clock support to their clientele from the US to India.

Based on that, we have launched the Jordan Source initiative in November 2021, with a complete understanding of what businesses in general and ICT sectors, more specifically, are facing in a world that is rapidly changing. The growing need for enterprise IT and back-office outsourcing is essential for business innovation, continuity, and sustainability.

A robust infrastructure complements our strategic location. Reliable internet, mobile connectivity, and Jordan’s extensive energy sector ensure that the power supply flows, so ICT companies can connect and serve clients uninterrupted. We also plan to roll out the 5G network with telecom companies to boost GDP, create job opportunities and support startups.

Our vibrant, diverse, and rich culture offer a family-friendly and internationally open environment for businesses and visitors alike.

The World Bank estimates that Jordan’s real GDP is projected to grow at 1.9 per cent in 2021, as economic indicators suggest an upswing in private demand while global demand remains supportive. We thoroughly understand the regional environment and the market conditions around us. We already support our Arab neighbours with software and other ICT requirements.

The initiative will ensure tailored support for new businesses keen to set up in Amman and move here with our specialised and trained team of account managers. They will assist businesses with all queries – from navigating the tax environment to finding talent and training them. Our digital ecosystem will support businesses willing to come to Jordan and the Middle East and serve the region.

Ahmad Hanandeh is Jordan’s Minister of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship (MoDEE)

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