Abu Dhabi's Etihad deploys more flights to Jeddah, Madinah for Hajj - Gulf Business
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Abu Dhabi’s Etihad deploys more flights to Jeddah, Madinah for Hajj

Abu Dhabi’s Etihad deploys more flights to Jeddah, Madinah for Hajj

The airline will operate 16 additional flights to the Saudi cities until August 28


Abu Dhabi’s Etihad Airways is operating 16 additional flights to Jeddah and Madinah in Saudi Arabia to facilitate the movement of thousands of pilgrims for Hajj.

The airline will operate special charters to carry pilgrims on its additional flights until August 28, a statement said.

All flights will operate alongside regular scheduled services – Etihad currently operates three daily flights to Jeddah and one daily service to Madinah.

The top inbound destinations for the Hajj Etihad flights are the UK, the US, Australia, Pakistan, Indonesia, Korea, and Nigeria, Etihad said.

Hareb Mubarak Al Muhairi, Etihad Airways’ senior vice president, said: “The Hajj pilgrimage is a very important experience for Muslims around the world.

“This year we see a 17 per cent increase in the number of pilgrims travelling with Etihad compared the same period last year.

“To meet this increasing demand, Etihad Airways is adding 16 flights alongside our scheduled services to Jeddah and Madinah.”

The airline has a dedicated group of airport staff on ground to cater to Hajj travellers. Dedicated check-in counters have also been set up at Abu Dhabi international airport.

Extra provisions will also be made by cabin crew to meet pilgrims’ needs and requirements and to facilitate the performing of ablutions, advising them about the entry into Al Miqat (state of sanctity), and the changing into Ihram robes.

Pilgrims will also be able to tune into the Etihad E-Box inflight entertainment system’s dedicated Holy Quran channel, or to view the direction of the Qibla.

On return flights from both cities, Etihad Airways will permit Hajj pilgrims to carry a five litre container of Zamzam water free of charge, and will provide extra care for its handling.


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