Abu Dhabi’s DigitalTrust launches enterprise digital signature platform
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Abu Dhabi’s DigitalTrust launches enterprise digital signature platform

Abu Dhabi’s DigitalTrust launches enterprise digital signature platform

DTSigner complies with UAE e-commerce and data sovereignty regulations

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UAE’s first home-grown enterprise digital signature platform has been launched, allowing regional governments and enterprises to move towards a paperless workplace.

DTSigner, a solution from Abu Dhabi-based PKI and Digital Certificates provider DigitalTrust, allows users to digitally sign documents and securely share them via the cloud or on-premise.

The digital signature and document workflow application is fully compliant with UAE federal regulations covering e-commerce, the company said in a statement.

“The streamlining of documents and workflows is a critical enabler for public and commercial sector digital transformations,” explained Scott Rea, head of DigitalTrust.

“DTSigner addresses essential business continuity risk elements, enabling teams to efficiently work from anywhere with full tracking and auditing support. This, in turn, will allow businesses to further streamline their processes and operations while saving costs at the same time.”

Provided as-a-service, DTSigner is compliant with UAE data-sovereignty laws, and conforms to both the nation’s e-commerce law and the digital certificate standards of the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority’s UAE Certification Policy. The platform provides integration to the UAE PASS national digital identity and is a solution for both user authentication and digital signing of documents.

“National recognition of digital signatures is crucial for any organisation or individual wanting to transact in a global ecosystem,” added Rea. “And the full benefits of digitisation can only be realised if all participants have absolute confidence and trust in the systems and processes underpinning digital transactions.”


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