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Abu Dhabi’s ADNOC to open 50 ‘smaller’ fuel stations, launch new loyalty programme

Abu Dhabi’s ADNOC to open 50 ‘smaller’ fuel stations, launch new loyalty programme

The new fuel stations are aimed at serving smaller neighborhood areas

Abu Dhabi-based fuel retailer ADNOC Distribution has announced plans to open smaller ‘on the go’ fuel stations throughout the country, it announced on Monday.

Aimed at serving smaller neighbourhoods where traditional stations would be “impractical”, the new ‘ADNOC On the go’ venues will comprise varying designs in terms of size, the number of pumps and type of Oasis store.

While the ‘five-star’ highway stations will cater to long distance travellers, those within local communities will be smaller with a drive-through Oasis store. Motorists will be able to shop from within their vehicles using a smart menu display.

Stations will also be set up in the industrial areas, ADNOC said.

The new stations have been designed following engagement with focus groups and feedback in the past months, a statement said.

The company plans to have 50 new ‘On the go’ stations operational by the end of 2020, it added.

“As the only fuel retailer to service all seven emirates, the addition of our ‘ADNOC On the go’ stations will support ADNOC Distribution’s smart growth ambitions, expanding our reach and footprint,” said ADNOC Distribution chairman and Group CEO Dr. Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber.

“The stations are designed to be installed in neighbourhoods throughout the UAE, advancing the nation’s economic and infrastructure development. The smart technologies we are applying will enhance our customers’ journey,” he added.

ADNOC Distribution also plans to add more of its traditional stations in the UAE, while also expanding into international markets including Saudi Arabia.

The company is also upgrading all of its existing ADNOC Oasis convenience stores. The refurbishment programme has started and will be completed by the end of 2021, the statement said.

ADNOC Distribution is also set to launch a new rewards programme in Q4 2019.

ADNOC Rewards will be the UAE’s “first-ever fuel rewards” programme, the statement said.

Customers will receive promotions and offers when they refuel and pay for services at any of ADNOC’s stations across its network.

Mohamed Al Hashemi, COO of ADNOC Distribution said: “We ran a number of promotional campaigns in the summer of 2019. As a result of the feedback and learnings from these promotions, combined with customer engagement, we are evolving our customer offer.

“The first step on this journey was to offer free assisted fueling to all customers. While self-serve option remains available, all customers can now avail free assisted fueling in all of our stations throughout the UAE. The next step is the introduction of ADNOC Rewards. We are already piloting the rewards programme and are on track to launch it nation-wide later this year.”

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