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Abu Dhabi Police arrests 20 members of drug gang

Abu Dhabi Police arrests 20 members of drug gang

The men were caught with 20kg of narcotics

Abu Dhabi’s police force has announced the arrest of 20 Asians accused of being part of a drug dealing network following an anti-narcotics operation

The individuals were arrested in groups without their peers’ knowledge under a secret campaign to counter a major drug trader residing outside of the country, Abu Dhabi Police said.

They are accused of dealing heroin and crystal meth and were caught with a combined 20kg of the drugs over a period of three months.

Images showed some of those arrested along with a large haul of drugs seized during the operations.

The director of Abu Dhabi Police’s anti-narcotics directorate, colonel Tahir Ghareeb al-Dhahri, said the organisation was committed to countering cross-border gangs and dismantling drug networks operating inside the country.


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