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Abu Dhabi Plans Single Mobile Platform For E-Govt Services By 2015

Abu Dhabi Plans Single Mobile Platform For E-Govt Services By 2015

Currently around 30 public entities are offering their services on mobiles, a senior official confirmed.

Residents and tourists in Abu Dhabi will soon be able to access all mobile services offered by government entities on a single mobile platform.

That’s according to Rashed Lahej Al Mansoori, director general, Abu Dhabi Systems and Information Centre (ADSIC), the entity in charge of Abu Dhabi’s ICT agenda.

Speaking on the sidelines of the exhibition Gitex in Dubai, Mansoori said around 30 public entities in the capital currently offer mobile services to consumers. Up to 22 of them, including Abu Dhabi City Municipality, Department of Economic Development, the Tourism & Culture Authority and Health Authority – Abu Dhabi showcased a total of over 20 different applications and approximately 70 electronic services at the event.

“Our aim is to make all the services available on a single mobile platform by next year,” he told journalists on Monday.

However, he also confirmed that not all government bodies would create mobile applications. “The services are tailored for customers’ needs and some of the entities don’t have the services that can be made available on mobile,” he explained.

“Mobile is just one of the channels – we will still have counters and contact centers as well and people can choose whatever they find convenient. Our goal as the government is to ensure that all our services are available to the customer in the easiest and fastest manner.”

Mansoori also confirmed that all of the public entities are keeping track of the usage of their apps.

ADSIC highlighted CityGuard – a free app launched to promote direct interaction between residents and the local government. People can report non-emergency cases relating to public safety, consumer protection, environmental issues, public works, transport and public services via a smartphone through the app.

Approximately 85,000 users have downloaded the app, around 15,000 cases were reported, with 13,500 solved to date, ADSIC said.

“We live in an era where people are no longer willing to wait or go through complicated processes to find information or solutions to their problems. They expect the government to provide immediate, convenient, hassle-free services – and with the present technology out there, this is actually feasible,” Mansoori said.


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