Abu Dhabi launches new committee to protect private sector workers' rights Abu Dhabi launches new committee to protect private sector workers' rights
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Abu Dhabi launches new committee to protect private sector workers’ rights

Abu Dhabi launches new committee to protect private sector workers’ rights

The committee will ensure the existence of valid employment contracts and that workers are receiving their salaries

Abu Dhabi City United Arab Emirates

The Executive Committee of the Abu Dhabi Executive Council has issued a resolution forming the Abu Dhabi Workers Committee, chaired by the chairman of the Department of Economic Development, reported the Abu Dhabi Media Office on April 22.

In accordance with federal and local legislations, the committee is tasked with developing, executing and evaluating the inspection programmes for all private sector facilities to ensure they are complying with labour legislations.

This includes ensuring the existence of valid work contracts, that workers’ rights are being upheld, and that they are receiving payment for their work.

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The committee will also coordinate with the relevant authorities to ensure suitable living environments for workers.

It shall coordinate with the relevant entities to find solutions to reducing workers’ complaints, and establish a process for receiving and handling any issues that might arise.

The committee will also examine issues relating to underperforming companies, including records and salary protection programmes to protect workers’ rights.

The committee will review legislation, and systems and policies regulating the labour market – and will submit proposals to enhance the economy and business environment in Abu Dhabi, in coordination with relevant entities.

In addition, the committee will design and fund programmes aimed at raising awareness among workers and employers of labour laws, as well as their rights and commitments.

Members of the committee include representatives from the Department of Economic Development, Judicial Department, Abu Dhabi Police, the Department of Finance, the Department of Municipalities and Transport, the Department of Health, the Department of Community Development, the Higher Corporation for Specialised Economic Zones, the General Directorate for Residency and Foreigners Affairs (the Federal Authority for Identity & Citizenship) and the Ministry of Human Resources & Emiratisation (MOHRE).

On April 6, the MOHRE launched an ‘Early Leave’ initiative for all expat private sector employees in the country which would allow them to temporarily return to their home country during the time that the Covid-19 precautionary measures are in effect in the UAE.

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Employees who wanted to avail of the scheme would be asked to submit their annual leave dates or agree with their employers on unpaid leave.

On March 26, the MoHRE said that private sector companies in the UAE were allowed to restructure existing contracts with employees and grant employees both paid and unpaid leave, temporarily reduce salaries during the period in which their businesses are affected by the Covid-19 precautionary measures, and also permanently reduce salaries of its employees.

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