Abu Dhabi International passenger traffic up 2.6% in Jan

The airport saw higher volumes from the UK and India in particular

Passenger traffic at Abu Dhabi International Airport increased 2.6 per cent in January compared to the previous year.

The airport’s operator said it received 2.2 million passengers last month, with a 2 per cent increase in traffic from India and 14.1 per cent increase in traffic from the UK after the addition of a third A380 inbound and outbound from London.

Abu Dhabi also saw an 18.4 per cent increase in traffic from Egypt after Etihad Airways launched a fourth daily flight to the country and Fly Egypt launched flights from Alexandria.

By city ,the most passengers came from London, up 23 per cent, Bangkok, up 2 per cent, Bombay, up 13 per cent, Doha, up 2 per cent and Jeddah, up 4 per cent.

Passenger traffic at the airport increased 5.1 per cent last year with 24,482,119 travellers in total in 2016.

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