Abu Dhabi exempts commercial vehicles from registration fees until the end of 2020
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Free commercial vehicle registrations in Abu Dhabi until the end of 2020

Free commercial vehicle registrations in Abu Dhabi until the end of 2020

Registration fees that were processed after March 16 will be refunded

There will be no fees levied to register commercial vehicles in Abu Dhabi until the end of the year, the emirate’s media office confirmed on Tuesday.

According to a statement by the Abu Dhabi Police (ADP), the rule is applicable retrospectively to all vehicles that were registered from March 16 onwards.

Registration fees that were already processed will be refunded, reported official news agency WAM.

ADP called on all companies and organisations to utilise its digital platforms to register the vehicles.

The announcement comes as a precautionary and relief measure during the Covid-19 pandemic and according to the media office, “in line with Abu Dhabi’s Economic Stimulus package.”

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On March 16, Abu Dhabi announced an economic stimulus package to help businesses and individuals cope with the negative impacts of the Covid-19 virus.

These measures included 15 new initiatives under its Ghadan 21 scheme including electricity and water subsidies, measures for SMEs, exemptions and fee reductions to support businesses while reducing the overall cost of living.

On April 12, Abu Dhabi said that by way of its Together We Are Good programme, it would help residents meet their financial needs in four key areas including healthcare, food, basic needs and education.

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The Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge said that for those residents of the emirate who were facing financial difficulties, it would help with the school fees of students enrolled in private schools as well as help parents who require assistance with distance learning devices to aid in their children’s e-learning programmes.


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