Abu Dhabi approves $150m of projects
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Abu Dhabi approves $150m of projects

Abu Dhabi approves $150m of projects

The projects include improvements to roads, a new school facility and infrastructure work in residential areas


Abu Dhabi’s Executive Council has approved roads, infrastructure, services and education projects worth Dhs 544m ($148m).

Among the projects are Dhs 108m ($29.4m) of roads and infrastructure in several plots at Mohamed bin Zayed City, according to state news agency WAM.

These include services to 96 residential plots and 23 public facilities, construction of internal roads stretching 7.7km, water networks, a wastewater system, electricity and communication lines, irrigation systems, rain water drainage and internal road lighting.

The committee also approved the referral of contracting for internal roads and infrastructure in the Al Nahda Military Residential Zone, Bani Yas and Al Shawamekh worth more than Dhs 102m ($27.7m).

This will involve infrastructure for 179 residential units, a 7.66km internal road, 13.5km of pavement, 1,422 of car parking spaces, infrastructure work on existing networks and the transfer of existing service lines.

A further Dhs 54.577m ($14.85m) was allocated for the developed of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Road from the Al Falah intersection to the Qasr Al Bahr intersection. The funds will be used to construct and amend 3.5km of road, build an inclined bridge and amend traffic and control systems for the Sheikh Zayed tunnel.

Elsewhere, Dhs 36m ($9.8m) was allocated for manufacturing, installation and maintenance of guiding signs for an address system project in the Western Region. The project is part of the wider Geonames addressing system in Abu dhabi that aims to make navigation easier.

In addition to the development of urban areas, the council approved a Dhs 135.5m ($36.88m) budget to develop the Western border crossing with Saudi Arabia at Ghuwaifat.

This includes the restoration of roads for light vehicles and buses and waiting spaces for trucks heading into and out of the country. The project is designed to speed up the movement of goods and passenger traffic at the border.

In education, the committee approved the design and construction of a primary school and kindergarten on Delma Island worth Dhs 106.7m ($29m), designed to support 758 students

It also approved a plan to increase the efficiency of the Al Wathba Punitive and Correctional complex with the aim of introducing study rooms, workshops, art rooms and entertainment facilities.

The improvement of small transport buses for transporting passengers from factories was also approved by no budget cost was given.


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