Abacus joins Abu Dhabi's Khalifa Fund as e-Empower partner
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Abacus joins Abu Dhabi’s Khalifa Fund as e-Empower partner

Abacus joins Abu Dhabi’s Khalifa Fund as e-Empower partner

Abacus will offer Khalifa Fund applicants specialised offerings to enhance their digital capacities

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Khalifa fund and Abacus tie-up

Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development (KFED) has tied up with Abacus, a business management solutions company, making it KFED’s latest e-Empower partner.

The e-Empower initiative was initially launched in September 2020 with the aim to support Abu Dhabi entrepreneurs go through the full digitalisation of their businesses and help their overall ability to thrive in the digital economy. Since its inception, e-Empower has partnered with Amazon, Amazon Web Services, Akshaak, eBay, Etisalat, Microsoft, noon and noon payments.

As part of the e-Empower partnership, Abacus, the official Sage provider in the MENA region, will deliver a variety of enterprise resource planning, human resource management, customer relations management, accounting software and small business solutions to Khalifa Fund applicants.

Entrepreneurs will have access to awareness sessions on digital transformation solutions, educational webinars on Sage technologies, industry-specific workshops and sessions based on their sector, promotional support through Abacus’s social media platforms and preferential rates for Sage ERP solutions.

Alia Al Mazrouei, CEO, Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development, said, “Khalifa Fund is constantly identifying new and innovative means to serve the UAE’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. Mutually beneficial partnerships through the e-Empower programme have led to our entrepreneurs getting access to insights, resources and products from a vast array of industry leaders, across a diverse range of sectors; it is an absolute delight to add Abacus to this esteemed initiative and have access to their Sage services and products. Sage’s products and services have the capacity to create real empowerment for small and medium businesses and give them the support required to reach the next level.”

“With the addition of Abacus, e-Empower continues to be one of the most impactful initiatives for the direct development and assistance for entrepreneurs and their businesses to excel. Khalifa Fund has actively provided the entrepreneurs with hundreds of hours of guidance, an abundance of exclusive products and unique services. We remain committed to contributing to the UAE’s entrepreneurial ecosystem and making it one of the best in the world,” she added.

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