A 41-metre Porsche designed superyacht is on the market in the Middle East
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A 41-metre Porsche designed superyacht is on the market in the Middle East

A 41-metre Porsche designed superyacht is on the market in the Middle East

Kuwaiti entrepreneur Fahad al Sufayeh and his American partner Omid Rahravani are the introducing brokers for the Royal Falcon One in the Gulf region, which took over 10 years to build by Sweden’s Kockums shipyard

Fahad and Omid Porsche yacht

Serial entrepreneurs and self-made multi millionaires, Fahad al Sufayeh and Omid Rahravani, founders of the Fahad & Omid General Trading & Contracting Company, headquartered in the Salhiya district of Downtown Kuwait, are introducing the remarkable Porsche-designed superyacht named the Royal Falcon One to the Middle East, a yacht for which they have reportedly invested significant amounts to introduce to the region. The 41.14-metre  power catamaran is developed by Singapore-based Royal Falcon Fleet, for which the duo are the brokers and representatives here in the region.

Omid Rahravani and Fahad Al Sufayeh
(left-right) Omid Rahravani and Fahad Al Sufayeh

Give us a background about yourself and your business?

Fahad al Sufayeh: I’m a Kuwaiti businessmen and son of one the first diplomats and politicians in Kuwait with extended ties to the former Amir of Kuwait, Sheikh Sabah Al Salam Al Sabah, and the recent Crown Prince, Sheikh Meshaal Al Ahmad Al Jaber Al Sabah. I am also the brother-in-law of Governor Sheikh Faisal Al Sabah, a member of the Kuwait royal family.

Omid Rahravani: I’m an American from Los Angeles and started my career decades ago as a financial advisor at the prestigious Wall Street brokerage firm Morgan Stanley, before deciding to become an entrepreneur. This is one of the main reasons I moved to Kuwait and became business partners with my childhood friend Fahad. We both love big challenges, creative ideas and brokering massive mega deals like this one for the Royal Falcon One.

Fahad and Omid Porsche yacht
The Royal Falcon One is a brand-new 41.14 metre power catamaran

What makes this the Royal Falcon One unique?
Fahad: The lavish Royal Falcon One is a brand-new 41.14 metre (134ft 98in) power catamaran developed by the Singapore-based Royal Falcon Fleet. It has a beam of 12.5 metres and a draft of 1.7 metres and an all-aluminium superstructure.

The superyacht has a futuristic design that comes to life from the drawing boards of the iconic Porsche Design Studio which is affiliated with the legendary automaker. This masterpiece took 10 years to complete and was shrouded in secrecy before being unveiled in 2019, built by Sweden-based Kockums shipyard.

Ten guests can comfortably be accommodated across its four guest rooms and separately another ten crew members. There is a large master suite with private balcony and many luxury amenities like Jacuzzi, lounge, bar and a tender garage.

The modern, futuristic interior has shades of blue and white combined with wooden and metallic surfaces.

This yacht features twin 4,600 horsepower diesel engines and twin Rolls-Royce KaMeWa waterjets, delivering a cruising speed of around 15 knots and can go up to 35 knots whilst designed for low fuel consumption, with a range of 3,200km.

Fahad and Omid Porsche yacht
Ten guests can comfortably be accommodated across its four guest rooms and separately another ten crew members too

Why did you choose to represent and introduce the Royal Falcon One superyacht here in the region?
Omid: The Porsche designed Royal Falcon One is truly unique compared to anything else out there in this ultra-competitive market. Before its construction began, it is said that Royal Falcon Fleet asked for a yacht that “no one had ever built”, making it that much more special. This makes it really exciting for us to introduce in the Middle East as the region is already famous for its many luxurious superyachts.

Myself and Fahad are both avid yacht enthusiasts and chartering luxury yachts are one of our favourite hobbies, especially during our summer visits to the French Rivera, as we love to experience the calmness of the sea and ocean breeze, which has a specific joy and pleasure. The Royal Falcon One instantly caught our attention because it resembles an extraordinary “spaceship on the water”, as many people have described it.

Fahad: The UAE in particular is one of our favourite countries that we regularly visit, especially for the iconic Dubai and Abu Dhabi international boat shows that host some of the world’s most expensive mega yachts, owned by billionaires and royal families. Many of these yachts are docked throughout the year in the UAE, so this exclusive and unique Porsche Designed Royal Falcon One will be right at home in the UAE.

Fahad and Omid Porsche yacht
The modern, futuristic interior has shades of blue and white combined with wooden and metallic surfaces

What are some of the top yachts you are referring to in the UAE?
Omid: There are many incredible yachts docked in the UAE, but four of the world’s most famous and luxurious are owned by the royal family are;

Azzam: Positioned as number one and owned by Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the President of UAE. It is thought to have a cost $600m to build.


Dubai: Owned by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum which costs around $400m.


Topaz: Owned by the Deputy Prime Minister of the UAE, Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, it is estimated to cost around $525m.

Yas: It too resembles a spaceship on water and is owned by Sheikh Hamdan bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, an Emirati politician and member of the royal family.


Do you believe that there is still a big demand for superyachts given the recent pandemic?
Fahad: I believe there is always a big demand among yacht enthusiasts and the privileged, but that has been amplified even more so given the current world situation with the pandemic. Many have realised that being on their own yacht isolated with loved ones far away in the ocean is a great idea and the safest option to shield themselves.

In fact, many of our friends did exactly that during the current crisis, and reports like the Luxury Yacht Market indicate there was a big surge and demand for yachts from first-time buyers and luxury private travel. The Royal Falcon One is a truly unique vessel be seen on whether holidaying or cocooning oneself away from others, so we expect it to sell fast.

Many people around the world began to appreciate the essence of their time and realised that it is the most valuable commodity. This pandemic has caused people to re-prioritise and take more chances, have adventures and especially to experience their dreams and freedoms which they had taken for granted. This translates well for the yacht enthusiasts to buy yachts to reward themselves and to be prepared to protect their loved ones from the unexpected. This trend will likely continue to only grow bigger around the world.

Fahad Al Sufayeh and Omid Rahravani
(left-right) Fahad Al Sufayeh and Omid Rahravani

How can yacht enthusiasts get more details about the Royal Falcon One if they are interested to purchase it?
Fahad: This is a unique opportunity for anyone who wants to buy a brand-new super yacht. Our team of marketing professionals are more than happy to answer all potential buyers’ enquiries and schedule a tour of the Royal Falcon One yacht for qualified investors, the price is on application. We also have exclusive membership for the Royal Falcon club by invitation only which allows you to catch a billion dollar dream with a million dollar budget. For more details please contact us directly at: [email protected]

For further information visit www.fahadomid.com 

LinkedIn: Fahad al Sufayeh and Omid Rahravani

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