80% of Saudi families register for social assistance scheme

The Citizen’s Account is designed to compensate Saudis for the rising cost of living

Up to 80 per cent of Saudi families have registered for the country’s Citizen’s Account social assistance programme, according to reports.

Saudi Gazette cited Majed Al-Ossaimi, supervisor of the account at the Ministry of Labor and Social Development, as saying 3 million Saudis had been registered representing about four fifths of families.

He was quoted as saying the account would continue despite recent royal decrees reinstating bonuses and incentives for government employees.

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The account is designed to compensate Saudis for the rising cost of living.

Ossaimi clarified that a reported maximum monthly salary of SAR20,161 ($5,376) to receive assistance was not the limit and this would be finalised when the policies for the account are approved.

Saudi families, individuals living independently, beneficiaries of social security and Saudi mothers married to foreigners are all eligible to apply.

Payments will begin once monarch King Salman approves the Citizen’s Account’s policies, which are expected to be forwarded to him on May 1.

Minister of Labor and Scoila Development Ali Al-Ghafees clarified that payments would be reviewed quarterly by a ministerial committee, according to the publication.