7 ride-hailing apps to zip you around Dubai
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7 ride-hailing apps to zip you around Dubai with a coffee and chauffeur on call

7 ride-hailing apps to zip you around Dubai with a coffee and chauffeur on call

The city now offers not just a couple but seven different taxi and ride-hailing apps which cater to different budgets and customer needs

Marisha Singh
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With events seasons underway in the UAE, it helps to have multiple options for your mobility needs. To avoid cancelled rides and notifications showing ‘drivers are busy’, avail of the many options that Dubai has to offer when it comes to ride-hailing apps.

The city now offers, not just a couple but seven different taxi and ride-hailing apps which cater to different budgets and customer needs. From a chauffeur on call to a cold-brew while picking you up, Dubai’s ride-hailing apps have differentiated themselves with their service offerings.

List of ride-hailing apps in Dubai

1. Dubai Taxi Corporation: The most dependable and affordable option, Dubai Taxi Corporation’s red-roofed cabs are ubiquitous to the city. These cabs can be flagged down on the street but during peak periods, you would be better off booking it via the DTC app (available via GooglePlay and Apple stores) or alternately calling in at 800 880 88.

2. Hala on Careem: Hala Taxi is another taxi-service that is easy on the wallet and available within minutes. Use the Careem app (available via GooglePlay and Apple stores) to book a Hala taxi and just feed in your pick-up and drop-off location.

3. Uber: The ride-hailing app that started it all. Uber has been around for so long that it is now used as a verb – “Uber it.” Well, Uber is available in the emirate and you can select your destination, receive a cost estimate before confirming pick-up, and book rides up to 30 days in advance. The mobile application is available for both Android and iOS. Uber has a flat rate, which means it can be a more economical option for longer distances.

4. XXRide: The service launched in Dubai at the start of 2022, with a promise of lower fares. It has differentiated its service by changing the way it pays drivers and passes on the benefit to customers. Customers can choose from five categories of rides — Select, Luxury, Electric, XXXL and Family.

5. Yango: Yango offers an app and a map. Yes, we rhymed it! Its ride-hailing service offers features including the ability to book several cars on a single phone, and the ability to find alternative pick-up points that will allow riders to reach their destination faster and at a lower price. Cars offered are similar to other ride-hailing apps, including Lexus ES in its comfort class of vehicle. Yango‘s mobile application is available for Android and iOS devices.

6. Blacklane: The on-demand VIP chauffeur-driven service costs a lot less than you’d think. Blacklane operates a fleet of high-spec, all-electric Mercedes-EQ vehicles, customised with the brand’s iconic two-tone black and white livery. Booked through the Blacklane app (available via GooglePlay and Apple stores), passengers can request male or female chauffeurs. The expert drivers are all academy-trained, and tasked with ensuring the safety of their guests remains the number one priority.

7. Zed: ZED says it is the first mobility app to offer customers a personalised and premium e-hailing service. It officially launched in the UAE on May 12.

The Dubai-based company aims to provide a fully unique experience and sets out to redefine ride-hailing in the region. With ZED, customers can configure their journey to the smallest detail with the tap of a button. They can select the level of discussion with the driver, music preference, volume, temperature control and even the car interior light intensity and colour to ensure that the trip meets their desires. It even includes a coffee option where you can request a cold brew before the ride.


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