$53,000 for hotel room overlooking Makkah's Holy Kaaba
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$53,000 for hotel room overlooking Makkah’s Holy Kaaba

$53,000 for hotel room overlooking Makkah’s Holy Kaaba

Rivalry between hotels opposite the Grand Mosque heats up during the final 10 days of Ramadan


The cost of a room for two, including meals, overlooking the Holy Kaaba in Makkah ranges from SAR 70,000 ($18,664) to SAR 200,000 ($53,327) during the final 10 days of Ramadan, according to reports.

Arab News cited booking agent Abdullah Al-Amiri, who was speaking to a local publication, for the figures.

He was quoted as saying a room without a view of the Grand Mosque can still fetch between SAR 37,000 ($9,865) and SAR 45,000 ($11,999).

The Kabba is the building at the centre of the Grand Mosque, Islam’s holiest place. Muslims are expected to face the Kaaba when performing salat (prayer).

Rivalry between Makkah’s hotels during the final 10 days of the holy month heats up, as it is a popular period for rich visitors.

Five-star hotels overlooking the holy mosque are exempt from penalties for hiking their rates during the period, leading many to offer perks to lure wealthy guests including high quality food and personal escorts.

Guests can also be charged nearly SAR 5,000 for adding an extra bed to a room.

“Wealthy people are of different nationalities, but mainly from the Gulf region. The rest are Arabs and foreigners, including a number of very well-known sheikhs,” Al-Amiri was quoted as saying.


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