5 Minutes With...Kenny Jephcott, General Manager, IML Group - Gulf Business
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5 Minutes With…Kenny Jephcott, General Manager, IML Group

5 Minutes With…Kenny Jephcott, General Manager, IML Group

Marketing specialist IML Group plans to diversify its product range and expand geographically, says Kenny Jephcott.


What is your company currently focusing on?

The IML Group follows an aggressive growth strategy that mandates the constant diversification of our portfolio and expansion into new territories. One such product is Bab Al Shabab, which means ‘Doorway to Youth’. An online student engagement platform, Bab Al Shabab extends a wide variety of exclusive discounts, special offers and internship opportunities through its membership.

Are you concerned that the current volatile global economic climate will affect your strategy?

The global economic climate has affected companies worldwide. That being said, the IML Group follows a robust business model which has shown significant growth despite difficult economic times. While not impervious to the global downturn, we are confident that our core strengths will allow us to drive our business forward without major disruption.

What are the growth areas for your industry?

As the retail theatre continues to advance in sophistication, many opportunities will be created for consumer goods companies and their supporting agencies. This will consequently lead to the expansion of teams across the region to drive sales through direct consumer engagement and retail partner support activities such as ‘brand ambassadors’, ‘field force support teams’, ‘mystery shoppers’ and ‘merchandising assets’.

Will you be expanding into new territory?

The IML Group has established a comprehensive footprint throughout the MENA region covering 13 markets. We constantly review our presence to ensure we are positioned as strongly as possible to fully meet our clients’ strategies. We have recently established a presence in Iraq, which we believe will become a key revenue generator in the near future for its high population and improving stability. Other expansions on the horizon will include Turkey.

What are the biggest challenges for UAE businesses in your sector?

In a highly competitive and evolving market such as the UAE, it is essential to constantly improve quality, delivery and innovation in business. Given the current economic climate and the support we provide to the wide-ranging portfolio of global brands, we must ensure that we continue to provide a solid and measurable return on investment across our campaigns in order to outperform competitor activities.

Are you hiring?

The IML Group aims to constantly improve its talent pool. With the number of new projects and exciting new business wins and initiatives being introduced, we will continue our focused recruitment process across our businesses.

What’s your leadership style?

I believe that once you have the right people in place capable of fulfilling our business goals, a democratic leadership style delivers excellent results.

What makes the perfect employee?

Sadly, experience teaches us that they do not exist. However, those that come close are trustworthy beyond reproach, fully supportive of everyone within the business, consistently deliver excellent work, and put in every effort required to constantly drive the business forward in all aspects.

Define success in five words…

Innovation, non-complacency, passion, self-motivation and persistence.

Three tips for becoming the boss…

Find your inner strength and explore it, avoid office politics, and overcome every challenge with the best solution available for the business.

When I’m not at work I like to…

Travel, play golf, scuba dive and cheer Coventry City Football Club (well someone has to).


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