5 handy gadgets that will make your summer travels more fun
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5 handy gadgets that will make your summer travels more fun

5 handy gadgets that will make your summer travels more fun

With a little planning, you can have everything you need to make the most of your summer vacation

Divsha Bhat
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Summer travel can be a great way to relax and have fun, but it can also be a hassle. With a little planning, you can have everything you need to make the most of your vacation.

Here are a few handy gadgets that can make your travel more enjoyable:

GoPro Hero11 Black

Get ready to capture epic moments like a pro with the Hero11 Black. This GoPro gadget automatically sends highlight videos straight to your phone. With its larger image sensor, you will experience higher quality and wider shots. Share your vertical masterpieces on social media in seconds. The HyperSmooth 5.0 technology is packed with AutoBoost and Horizon Lock, guaranteeing your shots are super smooth. Night Effects allow you to get creative even after the sun goes down, while the 10-bit colour breathes life into all your videos. The Hero11 Black comes with all the essentials you need such as a carrying case, battery, mounts and more. Don’t forget to grab a microSD card to complete the package.

Price: Dhs1,479

Tile Pro

Say goodbye to losing things and hello to stress-free tracking. Tile Pro is an ultimate tracking companion you would want. With its innovative features, you will never lose your belongings. The device’s sleek design fits perfectly on your key ring, bags or luggage. You just need to download the app and when your Tile is nearby, ring it with a simple tap on your phone. Meanwhile, if you are far away, the app will show you where your Tile was spotted on a handy map. It is compatible with both iOS and Android devices and seamlessly works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri. With its water-resistant build, long-lasting battery and impressive Bluetooth range, Tile has got your back.

Price: Dhs104

Camry luggage scale

The Camry luggage scale is a nifty little gadget that comes in a bunch of cool colours. It is perfect for those who love to travel without worrying about overweight baggage fees. This portable scale is super easy to use, with a backlit display that shows your luggage weight in big, bold numbers. It can handle up to 50 kilograms, so you can weigh even your heaviest suitcases. But wait, there’s more. This handy device also tells you the temperature, keeping you in the know wherever you go. It’s built tough with a sturdy clasp and a strong nylon strap, so it’ll last you for many adventures.

Price: Dhs23

Kindle Paperwhite

Introducing the Kindle Paperwhite 16GB. It is a cool reading companion that’s packed with great features. First off, it has a 6.8–inch display with thinner borders, so you can immerse yourself in an ebook. The adjustable warm light is a game-changer, allowing you to customise the screen shade for maximum reading comfort. With its impressive battery life, you can forget about constantly charging it – it lasts up to 10 weeks. Plus, it’s waterproof, so you can enjoy your favourite books anywhere, from the beach to the bathtub. And don’t forget, you have access to over one million ebooks, including a great selection of Arabic titles. If you opt for the Signature Edition, you will get wireless charging and 32GB storage.

Price: Dhs629 (for the 16GB model)

Anker 737 Power Bank

The Anker 737 Power Bank (GaNPrime PowerCore 24K) is a total powerhouse when it comes to portable charging. It’s got all the features such as Power Delivery 3.1 and bi-directional technology, which means it powers up lightning-fast, giving you a whopping 140W of charge to devices. With a massive 24,000mAh capacity and a handy digital display, you’ll always know how much power you’ve got left. The manufacturers even throw in a USB-C to USB-C cable as well as a travel pouch to sweeten the deal.

Price: Dhs423

Disclaimer: Prices may vary at different retail outlets

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