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30 Seconds On The Business Of…Paper Conversion

30 Seconds On The Business Of…Paper Conversion

Gulf Business speaks to Vinesh Bhimani, managing director of Kimoha.

What exactly does a paper conversion company do?

We convert paper into engineering rolls (mainly for CAD machines), transaction rolls (cash rolls for POS/checkout machines), communication rolls (for fax and telex machines), tissues and wipes, among other products.

Who are the clientele?

We cater to a wide range of businesses and industries. One of the sectors we’ve increasingly focused on in recent years is the airline industry. We manufacture baggage tags and boarding passes for almost 30 airlines round the world including Singapore Airlines, Etihad Airways and Thai Airways.

What kind of raw materials are used for manufacturing the products?

Paper, label stock and UV ink.

Are paper conversion companies environmentally friendly?

Yes, we import from responsible mills who ensure that commensurate numbers of trees are planted to compensate for the trees cut. Also, we adopt other eco-friendly measures in our operations. At Kimoha we have banned the use of solvent ink, which is more cost-effective but harmful to the industry.

How big is the paper conversion industry in the UAE and the wider Gulf? Has it expanded in recent years?

It’s difficult to place a figure, but one would place the industry at about Dhs60 to 100 million in UAE, especially for the products we manufacture. We have about half a dozen competitors.

What is the industry’s outlook for the future? With everything going paperless these days, are there any concerns?

We do not see any drop in business potential at least in the near/ medium future, mainly in developing countries. In fact, thanks to rapidly growing demand, the main concern for the moment revolves around supply, since mills had faced issues during recessionary trends, and may continue to do so.


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