30 Seconds On The Business Of… Kids’ Retail
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30 Seconds On The Business Of… Kids’ Retail

30 Seconds On The Business Of… Kids’ Retail

Gulf Business speaks to Annemarie Retera, CEO of JustKidding.


What is the size of the Middle East’s baby care industry?

The MENA region baby care product industry caters to around 10 million newborns on a yearly basis, generating retail revenue of nearly $15 billion. The baby-product market in the GCC particularly, is going from strength to strength due to high disposable incomes, high birth rates, a young population and a clear appetite for strong brand names.

The market encompasses different segments, which can be divided into: toys, disposable diapers, feeding accessories, nursery furniture, strollers & car seats, body care products and soothers.

What kind of products do new parents in the region prefer?

New parents are looking for quality, branded products that are safe as well as stylish. People look for products that help them to continue the lifestyle they had before they had babies. There’s also a growing interest in products made of natural materials such as bamboo and organic cotton.

How big a role does online retail play in the industry?

Our website is a great marketing tool for us and a source of information for our visitors. We notice that a lot of customers have already seen our website before visiting the stores.

Although online retail is not yet as popular here, as in other parts of the world our online business is growing rapidly and we see a great potential for the future. Also social media is very popular among young couples.

Lastly, where do you see the baby care sector in the region headed?

The baby care sector has not matured yet so there are many possibilities for players who haven’t entered the market. More competition will only encourage the existing players to do better.

E-commerce will surely grow but mainly in convenience products such as baby food and disposable diapers.


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