30 Seconds On The Business Of...E-Recruitment
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30 Seconds On The Business Of…E-Recruitment

30 Seconds On The Business Of…E-Recruitment

Gulf Business speaks to James Randall, sales manager at eFinancialCareers Gulf.


How big a role does e-recruitment play in the UAE when compared to the overall hiring industry?

With an extremely high penetration of the internet within the UAE, the e-recruitment industry is increasingly gaining ground as the most efficient way to pursue career opportunities. Automated communications combined with the speed of the internet means that clients and candidates are kept in the loop in real time and everyone has access to the same information. The recruitment landscape is revolutionised by online job sites for both employers and jobseekers, paving a way to increased efficiency in hiring decisions.

Are there many big players within the local e-recruitment industry?

One of the good things about a maturing market for online job advertising is that there are now a wide range of specialist sites to choose from. These sites tend to be focused by job, location and industry sector. Companies like Rigzone or eFinancialCareers focus on energy or finance respectively and create a platform therein for the best talent to match the quality specialised jobs in that specific industry.

In the UAE, is e-recruitment mostly used for senior, mid-level or junior positions?

I would say mid to senior level candidates use e-recruitment in the UAE. This is based on the demographics of candidates in the country where we see companies looking for experienced professionals, in particular in the expat market.

What are the biggest challenges of e-recruitment?

To continually educate jobseekers that large companies use e-recruitment as one of their core tactics to source talent. Also, another challenge is that some candidates see the internet as an easy way to apply for multiple jobs without adequately addressing selection criteria. These applications are rendered a waste and no less than spam sometimes.

Where do you see the industry headed in the near future?

Applying for the right job will increasingly be at the convenience of the jobseeker. For instance, with our new mobile site, jobseekers can complete the full application process from their mobile or tablet, allowing them to apply whenever and wherever they want.


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