Uber transports 2.6 million riders across Qatar during FIFA World Cup
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Uber transports 2.6 million riders across Qatar during FIFA World Cup

Uber transports 2.6 million riders across Qatar during FIFA World Cup

According to Uber, people from 95 countries used its app while visiting Qatar during the tournament

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Uber app (Photo Illustration by David Ramos/Getty Images)

Uber has revealed data about travel and movement within Qatar and across the wider region during the FIFA World Cup 2022 and holiday season in Dubai.

The following data collected via the Uber app sheds light on the positive impact the football tournament has had on the region, while offering an insight into shifting consumer behaviour.

According to Uber’s data, 2.6 million riders moved across Qatar through trips requested via the Uber app during the tournament’s four weeks.

The top 10 visitors to Qatar came from USA, Saudi Arabia, UK, Mexico, UAE, Argentina, India, France, Brazil and Spain.

A total of 441,612 trips were requested by football supporters to and from the eight stadiums, utilising dedicated Uber pick-up and drop-off points. Khalifa International Stadium was the most travelled to among riders, with 110,000 trips total.

The #1 driver in Qatar completed 850 trips, signalling the earning opportunities created during the season.

The longest trip a rider took was 313 kilometres to go around Qatar with plenty of stops, sightseeing moments, and of course – football matches.

With international travel picking up during the season, airport trips rose by a whopping 61 per cent in the UAE in November. Top 10 visitors to the UAE came from the UK, India, Kazakhstan, Germany, Mexico, Russia, Egypt and France, respectively.

In a single month, people from 91 countries used the Uber app while visiting UAE, 95 while visiting the Qatar, 87 while visiting Egypt, and 83 while visiting Saudi Arabia. There was also a 61 per cent increase in airport trips in the UAE as compared to previous months. Most trips taken to leisure and entertainment locations in the UAE were to Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates, and Nakheel Mall.

Norhen Ali, Uber’s head of communications for MENA said: “This was a milestone moment for all of us in the region, and we’re proud to have helped millions of people move around comfortably and affordably. This was a massive undertaking at one of the busiest times in the region’s history but has underlined the importance of fruitful collaboration and true innovation.

“We’ve seen an appetite for new products and features, and more drivers’ earnings supplemented. We look forward to making travel even more seamless through our technology as the region takes the lead in spearheading significant global events.”

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