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More than 121,000 Saudis entered labour market in 2017

More than 121,000 Saudis entered labour market in 2017

The increased number of Saudi employees has been attributed to a series of government initiatives

Saudi Arabia’s labour market welcomed 121,766 Saudi men and women during 2017 until December 15, according to the Ministry of Labour and Social Development.

Quoted in local press, the ministry’s spokesman Khaled Aba Al Khail said that initiatives and support programmed launched by the ministry during the year has helped boost the employment market and increase the participation of Saudis – especially since October.

The Saudi Gazette reports that the number of Saudis who joined the labour market increased to 48,471 in October from 28,154 in September, with 36,062 taking up jobs in November, and 12,280 employed in the first 15 days of December.

The Minister of Labour and Social Development, Dr Ali Al Ghafis, launched five new support programmes in October, aiming to raise the level of participation of Saudis, and provide suitable, decent and stable work environments.

The new initiatives included the programme to boost Saudisation, a freelance programme, a part-time job programme, a working women’s children hospitality programme, and a programme for the transportation of working women.

Al Ghafis said at the time that the support programmes will be instrumental in enabling Saudis to work and participate in the nation’s economic development in line with the National Transformation Programme of 2020 and the Vision 2030.


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