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10 Tips To Find The Right Job In Technology

10 Tips To Find The Right Job In Technology

Networking plays a crucial role says Dale Carr, CEO of LeadBolt.

Technology is soon becoming one of the most coveted sectors for young jobseekers, and with rising competition, candidates must develop the skills that matter the most, say experts.

“It is crucial that in this day and age job seekers are well prepared, know their self worth and just dive in,” says Dale Carr, CEO of LeadBolt and Ernst & Young’s Australian Entrepreneur of the Year for Technology.

He offers the following tips to establish a career in the tech industry.

1. Familiarise yourself with industry jargon, language and news in tech. Sign up for every major media outlet that serves technology news.

2. Get hands- on! Familiarise yourself with the product, software or service the company provides.

3. If you are a current college student ensure you complete an internship – they are one of the most important things you can do.

4. Regularly watch webinars and tutorials.

5. Get online. Utilise Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Show your employer you are ready to accept the ever changing world of technology.

6. It may sound like a cliché but a positive can-do attitude matters.

7. Learn about the company’s primary competitors.


9. Communication is one of the most critical factors in success. Prove you are a valuable player and have good communication skills.

10. Understand the landscape – Are you familiar with the rules and regulations that guide that industry?


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