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UAE’s Etisalat rolls out blockchain technology for HR functions

UAE’s Etisalat rolls out blockchain technology for HR functions

Employees can generate, access and utilise credentials round the clock without manual intervention


Etisalat is implementing blockchain-based digital HR credentials, providing employees with lifetime access to all HR letters, as well as tamper-proof data.

Implemented in partnership with, the blockchain project is to ensure all employees can generate, access and utilise credentials round the clock, while credential verifiers can do the same without any dependence on manual intervention.

Etisalat is both a consumer and provider of blockchain-based technologies. The telco has implemented blockchain projects for both government and private organisations, such as the blockchain trade finance platform UAE Trade Connect or the ‘Shahada’ Blockchain platform for digitising education certificates.

“Implementing Blockchain technology in HR ensures employee data is under their control and is secure and accessible anytime, anywhere,” said Dena Ali Al Mansoori, group chief human resources officer, Etisalat.

“Deploying these technologies efficiently and responsibly across our communities and within our organisation is a top priority.”

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The blockchain implementation adds to Etisalat’s embrace of emerging technologies across its operations.

Etisalat HR has launched an ‘HR Virtual Assistant’, a chatbot equipped with a set of FAQs and HR policies. According to the company, the next phase of the ‘HR Virtual Assistant’ will feature a more comprehensive interface for Etisalat employees and will serve as an omnichannel in providing various HR services such as applying for leave and claims, requesting letters and other employee-related requests.

Etisalat has also integrated Robotic Process Automation (RPA) into HR processes, enabling HR teams to streamline various processes. Some of the RPAs verify educational claims, sick leave and business travel as well as job postings.

On the learning front, Etisalat now offers iQra, a digital learning platform available for all employees from any device.

Also, reward and recognition certificates are automated and digitised from this year, eliminating unnecessary delays in arranging hard copy certificates. The digital certificates such as Monthly Excellence, Outstanding Project Contribution Award and Long Service Award are instantly generated and emailed to employees.


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