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UAE unveils 2031 science strategy

UAE unveils 2031 science strategy

The 2031 agenda aims to see the country use advanced sciences to address future challenges

UAE Vice President and Prime Minister and Dubai Ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum has launched a national advanced sciences agenda for the country.

The agenda aims to see the country use advanced sciences to address future challenges and support the objectives of its 2071 centennial plan, which focus on education, economy, government development and community cohesion.

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It will focus on creating a homogenous scientific environment by backing science and related sectors, working on eight priorities up to 2031 and 30 targets to 2021.

These will be implemented with the help of 10 entities and overseen by specially created councils.

“Promoting the advanced science environment in the UAE is the best investment in making the future and a key tool to turn the creativity of human mind into reality,” Sheikh Mohammad said.

“The empowerment of Emirati scientists and creative minds entails providing appropriate tools and resources to attract and help them transform their scientific knowledge into a practical reality that strengthens the UAE’s march to the future through adopting modern technologies and advanced sciences.”

The eight priorities aim to ensure the country’s natural resources are used efficiently through capacity building, promote the sustainable energy sector, enhance water security and develop an advanced food security system.

They also aim to address the country’s health challenges through a national system, develop advanced industries, provide logistical support based on scientific studies and data and create a strategic industries complex.

The UAE also aims to develop four separate enablers – economic information services, establishing a coherent scientific community, developing supportive technology and promoting entrepreneurship in science and technology.

Minister of state Sarah bint Yousef Al Amiri will oversee the agenda and coordinate the efforts of 100 experts from 50 private and public entities in cooperation with 55 supportive bodies.

In December, Sheikh Mohammed also launched a scientific research centre to boost the country’s standing in scientific research.

The centre will initially provide support to 3,000 scientists for research on space science and technology.

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