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Saudi to make 2,000 government schools ‘independent’

Saudi to make 2,000 government schools ‘independent’

Government seeks to reduce financial burden of education and improve its quality


Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Education is reportedly planning to make 2,000 government schools ‘independent, granting them autonomy of administrative and financial affairs.

Arab News reports that the move is designed to reduce financial pressure on the government and improve education quality.

Education will remain free for pupils.

The ‘independent’ schools will have greater powers in management, administration, skills development for teachers and education activities, including the syllabus, according to the report.

The new plan forms part of the country’s Vision 2030 to reduce government expenditure on education and create opportunities for investment in school buildings and facilities.

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Ministry of Education director general of awareness initiatives and director of independent schools, Ahmad Abdullah Qaran, was cited as saying educational quality will improve at the schools.

He said the ministry was working with international firms to setup the independent schools model.


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