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How I got here: Ben Samuel, founder and CEO of Fit On Click

How I got here: Ben Samuel, founder and CEO of Fit On Click

Ben Samuel on fulfilling his dreams of being an entrepreneur



I am from Mumbai, India. That’s where I was born. As a Bachelor of Science and Information Technology, I was selected for a scholarship interview in 2005 and that’s when I moved to the UK in early 2005 for my further education at the University of Northampton. I finished my masters in marketing and continued with my early career in the UK. Living in two leading metropolitan cities like London and Mumbai was a great personal development programme in itself – helping me to think broadly and independently.

My start

There were several instances when the entrepreneurial bug bit me in my early years after moving to the UK – everything from selling groceries to house mortgages all the way up to attempting to create a media agency back in Mumbai. I moved to the UAE at the age of 29 where I currently reside and founded Fit On Click.


Not everyone aspires to be an entrepreneur or run his or her own company. In my case I have this golden opportunity to fulfil my professional ambitions, work with some amazing people and see the world. So I start my day with a positive attitude, as I know this is infectious and those around me will pick up on my positive energy. This in turn will lead to you maximising the performance of your business. If you maintain a negative attitude, the opposite is likely to happen.

Highs and lows

I’ve had highs and lows, good times and bad times in my life, however it’s all part of life. I think one should always enjoy the highs of life, relax in the moment. But most importantly, not get too comfortable there. I also like a saying by Napoleon Bonaparte that goes something like this: “The most dangerous moment comes with victory”. It makes perfect sense when you think about it.

Do’s and don’ts

I think it’s easy to fall under the spell of someone else’s dream or be seduced by the scorekeeping of other people’s goals. Follow your own path – not someone else’s. Don’t let fear, envy or social pressure cloud your vision. I believe in doing the right thing. When faced with the choices that are the hardest to make – when your dreams, ambition and drive are begging you to do one thing while your conscience is telling you to do another – remember that the only way you’ll have an enduring smile is if you uphold your values.


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