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Dubai’s ruler launches new cyber security strategy

Dubai’s ruler launches new cyber security strategy

The strategy aims to make Dubai “the safest city in the world – digitally”

A new cyber security strategy for Dubai has been launched by the UAE’s Vice President and Prime Minister Dubai’s ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

The strategy was unveiled on Wednesday as Sheikh Mohammed opened the Dubai Electronic Security Centre, which will deal with electronic security threats, cyberattacks and all forms of cybercrime.

The centre will work with all the government agencies in the emirate to ensure that the level of electronic security is upgraded and that precautionary measures are taken to ensure that information security systems are in line with international standards, a statement said.

Meanwhile the newly launched Dubai Cyber Security Strategy aims to provide integrated protection against the “dangers of cyberspace, support for innovation in cyberspace and the growth of the emirate and its economic prosperity”.

It involves the implementation of five main domains including –

Cyber smart nation: Raise public awareness on the importance of cyber security and develop the skills and capabilities required to manage risks among government, private institutions and individuals in Dubai.

Innovation: Scientific research in the field of electronic security and the establishment of an cyber space that is “free, fair and secure”.

Cyber security: Establish controls to protect the confidentiality, credibility, availability and privacy of data.

Cyber resilience: Maintain the flexibility of cyberspace and ensure the continuity and availability of IT systems in the event of any cyber-attacks. A platform will also be set up for exchanging information and to support in the management of incidents related to cyber security and advanced mechanisms to combat threats.

National and international collaboration: Establish local and global partnerships to consolidate co-operation frameworks with different sectors at the global and local levels to confront threats and risks in cyberspace.

The next phase of the strategy will witness a “number of effective initiatives” that will contribute to providing a secure cyberspace for users, making “Dubai’s cyber security experience a global model”, the statement added.

Sheikh Mohammed stressed that cyber security has become an essential requirement in the digital era.

“With the launch of the Dubai Cyber Security Strategy, we are adding a new achievement to the list of the government’s many accomplishments. This proves to the world that the more challenges we face, the more determined we are to achieve the highest excellence.”

He also called for uniting the efforts of the government and private sector to make “Dubai digitally the safest city in the world”.

“We want to harness technology to create a new reality in Dubai and a different life, a new model of development,” he said.

Cyber security has become a major focus for the GCC region as risks and threats grow across the region.

A recent research report predicted that the GCC cyber security market is estimated to expand to reach over $10.41bn by the end of 2022.


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