Covid-19: UAE reports one additional death; Saudi records two deaths
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Coronavirus: UAE reports one additional death; Saudi records two deaths

Coronavirus: UAE reports one additional death; Saudi records two deaths

A total of 1,563 people have been infected with the Covid-19 virus in Saudi Arabia

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On March 31, the UAE’s Ministry of Health and Prevention announced 53 new coronavirus cases in the country and one death as a result of the virus.

The death was reported to be of a 67-year-old Asian who had pre-existing illnesses such as heart disease, blood pressure and diabetes.

The newly detected cases include one each from Algeria, Lebanon, Pakistan, Iran, Kuwait, Switzerland, Turkey, Philippines, Italy, France, America; two people each from Egypt, Nepal; three people from Britain; four people from the UAE; and as many as 31 people from India.

Their condition is said to be stable while they receive necessary treatment.

A total of 664 coronavirus cases have been detected in the UAE, while the death toll stands at 6.

Saudi Arabia 

The Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia has reported two additional Covid-19 fatalities, alongside 110 new cases that have been diagnosed in the country.

The deceased were confirmed as residents of the city of Madinah.

Of the newly detected cases, the highest were reported in Riyadh (33) and Jeddah (29).

A total of 1,563 people have now been afflicted with the Covid-19 infection in the kingdom, including 165 individuals who have now recovered, and 10 people who have died as a result of the disease.


Prioritising the health and safety of the public, King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud ordered that all Covid-19 patients in the kingdom were to be treated for free.

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The Ministry of Health in Kuwait announced that 23 people were infected by the Covid-19 virus in the last 24 hours, Kuwait News Agency reported on March 31.

The total number of confirmed cases in the country now reaches 289, with recoveries tallying 73.

The sultanate announced 13 new Covid-19 infections, bringing the total number of cases to 192, Oman News Agency tweeted.

Of those infected, 34 are said to have fully recovered.


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