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Cloud To Transform Automotive Industry

Cloud To Transform Automotive Industry

Cloud connected cars will transform consumer interactions with vehicles, according to Continental.


Cloud computing is set to have a profound impact on the automotive industry, according to a leading industry voice.

Brian Droessler, VP of German automotive manufacturer Continental, told the audience at IBM Pulse in Las Vegas of a future of cloud enabled automated driving.

“The cloud will transform how we bring new features and functions to the vehicle,” he said, outlining how the the car will join the API economy, now associated with mobile applications.

Among his predictions were that cloud will reinvent consumer application delivery, with new features and functions coming from digital rather than physical additions.

“Cloud will fundamentally reshape and reinvent the how consumers think about their vehicle and interact with it,” he said.

Among the connected vehicle functions Continental is working are what is known as ‘electronic horizon’, enabling cars to have awareness of the road ahead.

This will enable the driver to engage in other activities like reading and answering emails while at the wheel.

Continental entered a connected vehicle collaboration with IBM in September 2013 that will see the companies develop fully connected mobile vehicle solutions for car manufacturers.

The firms are among several companies working on connected vehicles including Google and Apple.


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