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UAE is biggest investor in European football shirt sponsorship

UAE is biggest investor in European football shirt sponsorship

Shirt spending by UAE companies rises to Dhs 3.4bn

The United Arab Emirates spent Dhs 670m on premiere league shirt sponsorship between 2015 and 2016, new figures have found.

The figures mean that UAE companies accounted for 8 per cent of European investment in premiere shirts, with the overall total reaching €830m (Dhs 3.4bn).

The biggest investor players included Arabian Gulf airlines with AC Milan, Arsenal, Paris Saint-Germain and Real Madrid all sponsored by Emirates, and Manchester City by Etihad Airways. Emirates is also the sponsor of England’s FA Cup competition.

Revenue from shirt sponsorship in Europe’s top leagues has risen 13 per cent over the last season, powered by a 35 per cent increase in England’s Premier League, according to the Repucom European Football Jersey Report.

Premier League shirt sponsorship revenue reached €330m, almost 40 per cent of the total for Europe’s top six leagues.

Repucom UK and Ireland managing director Jon Stainer said: “At its current rate of growth we could see European football shirt sponsorship investment top €1bn within the next few seasons.

“The Premier League continues to drive this trend with year on year investment growing faster than any other league on the continent. It is an industry that attracts big money from abroad which underlines the appeal European football has internationally.”

Germany (€136m) is the second highest followed by the United States (€87m), driven largely by investment from the automobile sector.


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