Truly Secure teams up with virtual application delivery, Cameyo
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Truly Secure teams up with virtual application delivery, Cameyo

Truly Secure teams up with virtual application delivery, Cameyo

Cameyo’s platform provides cost-effective and flexible delivery of applications to any device

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Truly Secure, the IT service provider for cloud services, cybersecurity, and DevOps in the Middle East, has announced its partnership with Cameyo, a virtual application delivery (VAD) platform that enables businesses to access all of their critical Windows and web applications on any device, without the need for Windows desktops or VPNs.

The partnership followed shortly after both companies identified their shared vision to bridge the gap between outdated applications and inefficient operating systems that still exist. As a cloud-native solution, Cameyo’s platform provides an ultra-secure, cost-effective, and flexible delivery of applications to any device.

By leveraging the expertise of Truly Secure’s IT services, strategy, data centre and cloud services, businesses will have the ability to not only navigate system compatibility issues but do so with an advanced layer of security.

To increase business efficiency in the Middle East, the duo has confirmed that its comprehensive solution is designed to scale and service businesses regardless of size. From local to global enterprises, the partnership provides all organisations with the most flexible, secure, and cost-effective solution for sustainable digital transformation, enabling organisations to empower their people to be productive from anywhere and on any device.

“In a country that hugely embraces digital transformation, it’s vital that we continue in our mission to equip companies with adequate security measures, and we believe that our multi-layered approach to technology is a solution to integrate seamlessly,” commented Mitchell Mobayed, chief revenue officer at Truly Secure.

Co-founder and CMO of Cameyo, Robb Henshaw, added: “Cameyo delivers modern virtual application delivery without the need for unnecessary infrastructure, delivering all business-critical apps either from the browser or as PWAs and with zero trust security mechanisms to ensure your data and applications remain safe no matter what devices your people are utilising. This partnership between Cameyo and Truly Secure pairs a much-needed solution with first-class local support so we can better serve organisations throughout the Middle East.”

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