Power Letters 2022: Mohammed Amin, SVP – MERAT, Dell Technologies
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Power Letters 2022: Mohammed Amin, SVP – MERAT, Dell Technologies

Power Letters 2022: Mohammed Amin, SVP – MERAT, Dell Technologies

Our primary focus in the coming months is to help regional organisations accelerate digital transformation initiatives


The world as we know it is dramatically changing. 2021 was a year of recovery and resilience, and one that brought with it extraordinary shifts in the way we live and work. Technology has been an important pillar throughout it all, helping the world to connect and collaborate, as it transformed the fundamentals of healthcare, commerce, education and financial services across the global economy. We’ve seen how organisations were required to be digital at heart to succeed, as the speed of disruption and transformation continued to accelerate. Innovation and sustainability have taken centre stage and have been a focus as the world emerged post-pandemic.

Over the past year, customers looked to Dell Technologies for our end-to-end product lines that helped businesses transform their IT strategies and infrastructure. From creating remote workforces with our lineup of laptops and monitors to virtualised infrastructure – to protecting critical data and applications, we were able to cater to our customers’ evolving needs. We are currently working with several organisations across multiple sectors to move them from their legacy infrastructure to a digital infrastructure that deploys and supports emerging technologies.

Our line-up of product lines extends across our storage, servers, data protection and networking portfolio. We also expanded our as-a-service capabilities, offering flexible payment options so that organisations have greater access to technology across Dell Technologies’ infrastructure stack including compute, storage, networking, virtualisation, and data protection. We had our best third quarter in Dell Technologies history, with record revenues of $28.4bn, up 21 per cent. This was driven by growth in all business units, customer segments and geographies, as well as broad strength across commercial PCs, servers, and storage. Our primary focus in the coming months is to help regional organisations accelerate digital transformation initiatives as we work together to power local and national innovation agendas.

We have a unique role to play in transforming the future for the better. A key priority for us is our ‘Progress Made Real 2030 Social Impact Vision’, designed to enhance Dell Technologies’ purpose of using technology to drive human progress. The goals are centred around four focus areas: advancing sustainability, cultivating inclusion, transforming lives, and upholding ethics and data privacy. For each pillar, there is an aspirational moonshot goal and across Middle East, Russia, Africa, and Turkey region, we have various programmes in place – from providing tech access to underserved communities to youth skills training and sustainability initiatives.

There’s a lot of excitement going into 2022. Big shifts are coming with emerging technologies such as edge, 5G and data management broadening the technology ecosystem like never before, not to mention shifting demands on security and technologies that will shape the next three to five years such as digital twins, quantum computing and intelligent connected vehicles. Data management will become a new class of workload, with edge becoming the new frontier and serving as the battleground. Additionally, we’ll see the acceleration of private mobility, with more of the cloud and IT industries involved in the path to 5G, shaping telecom’s future. Cybersecurity will also have a significant impact, as the industry will also move from a discussion of emerging security concerns to a bias towards action.

I’m hugely optimistic about what the future holds. The coming year will see technology have a substantial impact on the world with the changes driven by a stronger sense of purpose, and each one of us will have an important role to play in this journey.

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