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Dubai Municipality launches e-system to provide access to the emirate’s geospatial maps

Dubai Municipality launches e-system to provide access to the emirate’s geospatial maps

The system showcases 2D and 3D maps of Dubai’s landmarks, structures and infrastructure facilities.

Dubai Municipality Geospatial map

Dubai Municipality’s Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Centre has launched ‘Dubai Here’, an electronic system providing access to geospatial data and maps of the emirate.

The new system showcases 2D and 3D maps of Dubai’s landmarks, structures, infrastructure facilities and land plots.

It encapsulates details ranging from masterplans and interiors of buildings including commercial and residential units, to external green areas, parks, trees, bridges, tunnels and service lines, said a statement from Dubai Media Office.

Dubai Here displays maps from a comprehensive geospatial database which everyone can contribute to and update.

Dawoud Al Hajri, director general of Dubai Municipality, explained that geospatial data and maps are essential for decision-making and project-execution in the areas of city planning, infrastructure, security and health.

Al Hajri added that Dubai Municipality has expanded its GIS Centre which aims to provide a ‘Digital Twin’ of Dubai in the form of 2D and 3D maps of the emirate’s assets, landmarks and structures.

This digital edition, enhanced with IoT technologies and linked to real-time information, provides all the information necessary for planning and managing the city and providing effective smart services.

The GIS Centre recently launched ‘GeoDubai’, an initiative that provides unique services and support to the government, educational and private entities in the field of maps.

GeoDubai provides a comprehensive and unified base map that provides the background details necessary for all engineering, planning and development work in Dubai, including city planning conducted by the Municipality or free zone authorities; zoning and identification of land plots; and planning and implementation of service networks.

The GIS Center provides services to members of the Dubai Geospatial community including various kinds of maps, data, technical consultations, specialised training, software licences, aerial photography using drones and geospatial survey of streets using a specialised vehicle.

“Dubai Municipality is committed to providing high-quality services to customers by developing innovative technical solutions in accordance with the highest international standards. These services aim to help professionals in various fields utilise GIS technology in the decision-making process while also enhancing their overall user-experience, ” said Al Hajri

Also, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) and Dubai Municipality have signed a Service Level Agreement recently to enhance cooperation in the geospatial infrastructure of Dubai and increase cooperation between government departments to realise Dubai Plan 2021, which envisions an integrated development model spanning infrastructure, roads and public transport fields.

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