Apple launches Watch Series 6, price starts at Dhs1,599 Apple launches Watch Series 6, price starts at Dhs1,599
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Apple launches Watch Series 6, price starts at Dhs1,599

Apple launches Watch Series 6, price starts at Dhs1,599

New features in the Watch Series 6 includes ability to measure oxygen saturation


The new Apple Watch Series 6 includes a ‘Blood Oxygen’ feature that allows users to measure their oxygen saturation. Also known as SpO2, oxygen saturation represents the percentage of oxygen being carried by red blood cells from the lungs to the rest of the body and indicates how well this oxygenated blood is being delivered throughout the body.

All data will be visible in the Health app, and the user will be able to track trends over time to see how their blood oxygen level changes.

Apple says it is joining forces with researchers at the University of California to conduct three health studies that include using Apple Watch to explore how blood oxygen levels can be used in future health applications.

This is one of several features and updates of the Apple Watch Series 6 that was announced at the Apple hardware launch event on Tuesday.

Apple Watch Series 6 runs on a new dual-core processor based on the A13 Bionic architecture available on iPhone 11. Apple says the chipset allows the watch to runs up to 20 per cent faster, allowing apps to also launch 20 per cent faster while maintaining the same all-day 18-hour battery life.

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The watch offers faster charging, completing a full charge in under 1.5 hours, and improved battery life for tracking certain workouts, such as indoor and outdoor runs.

Additionally, Apple Watch Series 6 features the U1 chip and Ultra-Wideband antennas, which will enable short-range wireless location to support new applications such as digital car keys.

The latest software update, watchOS 7, adds new health and fitness features, including low-range VO2 Max (maximum rate of oxygen consumption measured during exercise), sleep tracking, automatic handwashing detection, and new workout types. Maps includes cycling directions and Siri offers language translation.

The ‘Family Setup’ in watchOS 7 allows kids to access Emergency SOS at any time, while a new mode called Schooltime claims to help them stay focused and attentive while learning at home or in the classroom.

Apple is launching a new fitness subscription, Fitness+, costing $9.99 a month or $79.99 a year. The service gives users access to workouts and instruction delivered through the Apple Watch or iPad. The service aims in-home fitness services, which have taken off in part because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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