Abu Dhabi residents do not require movement permits during sterilisation programme

The sterilisation programme takes place in residential areas of the emirate daily from 8pm-6am

The Abu Dhabi government has said that residents of the emirate do not require to apply for a movement permit during the operational hours of the emirate’s sterilisation programme.

On April 6, the government announced that the disinfection programme being undertaken as part of the country’s Covid-19 precautionary measures would take place in residential areas of the emirate daily from 8pm-6am, and in industrial areas from 6pm-6am.

Although residents do not require a permit to venture outside of their homes during those hours, it advised that they remain home as far as possible.

“The public is advised to stay home during the hours specified for the sterilization programme. However, urgent and critical access to pharmacies, supermarkets and similar retail is allowed during these hours, without the prerequisite of a permit,” the Abu Dhabi Media Office tweeted.

The decision to exempt residents from requiring movement permits is in stark contrast to Dubai where a 24-hour sterilisation programme is currently underway during which Dubai residents need permits to leave their homes at all times during the day.

Employees of vital sectors do not need to apply for the movement permit, but instead will require a letter from their employer confirming their necessity to commute

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Members of the general public residing in Dubai, excluding employees of vital sectors, must apply online for movement permits on dxbpermit.gov.ae before leaving their homes during the sterilisation programme should they wish to fulfill essential functions like buying groceries or tending to medical needs.

On April 8, the UAE’s Ministry of Health reported 300 new coronavirus cases in the country taking the total number of confirmed cases up to 2,659.

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